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"My quest for my fitness needs with a personal trainer reached far beyond my expectations with Carrie. If a trainer can have you crave for your next class as much as you would that bag of chips then you know you have struck gold. I have been working out with Carrie for a year and a half now and I have become the fitness addict. What I most enjoy is how she challenges me. She makes the classes so exciting because they are so varied. From outside workouts to inside, with equipment, I have never before used or even know the name of, to nutritional information. She knows my weaknesses and has helped me to improve on them. I love to feel that burn and enjoy the aches the next day because it means I really worked myself. Best of all is her lovely demeanour, encouragement and sense of humour. Thanks for everything Carrie."  - Sandy, Georgetown 

"I am 24 years old and have been training with Carrie for 2 years. Since I have congenital heart disease, good health and being active have always been important to me. I have always enjoyed staying active at my own pace such as taking daily walks. About 2 years ago, I felt that I would like to be more toned and stronger especially in my upper body, which I felt would give me more self-confidence. Despite my congenital heart disease, I felt that I should be able to achieve this goal providing that I went at my own pace and took it slow. With Carrie’s kindness and encouragement each week, I have definitely seen results and more importantly feel better about myself. Carrie has been very understanding of my needs and takes time with me when necessary to discuss my overall health. She goes at my speed and is always asking for feedback to know what exercises and routines work best. Her knowledge about nutrition is wonderful and she has given me lots of information about foods that are healthy and not so healthy, such as foods good in fat and the unhealthiness of processed foods. She has given me plenty of ideas about making better choices when preparing meals and snacks. All these tips will hopefully help me live a healthier and happier life despite my heart disease. With a variety of equipment and machines available in Carrie’s fitness studio as well as a trail near her home for jogging, I always find myself enjoying each weekly training session and leaving feeling more positive about myself. Carrie makes each session seem less like a strenuous workout and more of a positive and productive hour" 

- Janine, Hillsburgh 

"I have been training with Carrie for over a year now and my biggest accomplishment I have had is being able to get off my Lipitor medication for my cholesterol. I had been taking it for over 15 years and I had to go off it as I was getting severe muscle cramps. My doctor was very concerned since I produce too much cholesterol on my own; however, with Carrie’s help with exercise and improvements in my diet, my cholesterol levels are lower and are in a safe zone! My doctor is very pleased. Thanks, Carrie!" 

- Jennifer, Georgetown 

"Carrie is so much fun! We laugh so hard sometimes it doubles the calories burned -- of course, Sean is probably thinking we're NOT really working out!  And the best part -- NO NEGATIVE SELF-TALK ALLOWED in Carrie's presence! She's the best! You're right - I'm a BIG fan, and she lives at the top of this HUMO...NGO hill, so I get a workout just getting there!" 

- Sony, Georgetown 

"For the first time in 10 years, I actually took a good look at myself in the mirror. I am very pleased to see that my upper body is finally taking a defined shape after 18 months of very hard work. I have lost all the fat around my bra strap. My stomach is almost flat. My upper abs are actually getting a bit of a 'two-pack' as my Son calls them. My waist is really getting smaller. My arms have good muscle tone now. I can see them even when I am not flexed. My pecs are as hard as a rock. My shoulders are strong. I like what I see and it is motivating me big time to keep going and increase my workouts. My legs are strong and my butt is really showing signs of firming up and lifting up. So overall I am taking shape and I like it. I believe that in the last few months my decision to up my workouts and change my eating even more to 'clean eating' is paying off. I now view food as 'fuel' and not an obsession. I enjoy every meal and snack. I think more clearly, don't get sick as often, sleep better, look better, have better skin/hair, have less pain, fewer migraines.....the list of benefits is endless. So, it's all coming together thanks to you Carre!!!!!! So, thank you very, very much. You are a key element in this life-changing journey. It is a long road and you have been my main supporter and guide. You have been patient and knowledgable beyond belief. I can only believe that this journey and the results will continue to get better and change even more along the way as each goal is reached and new ones are made. We have more work to do and I am ready. Thank you!" 

- Lisa, Georgetown 

"Carrie is an excellent trainer of all standards. She has helped increase my balance and co-ordination which was not an easy task as I was a complete klutz when I first started with her. She is extremely professional with a great personality and an ability to help you push yourself without feeling rushed or intimidated. Thanks, Carrie!" 

- Wendy, Georgetown 

"Dear Carrie, I wanted to thank you and your wonderful trainers for the exceptional training you have provided to me for the past 3 years! After having my second child at 38, I realized that I was not as healthy as I once was. I was carrying extra weight that I never had before and was feeling really.... like an old lady. I can say now I have lost several inches and am feeling like a new woman! No more aches and pains! You have inspired me to maintain my health, body weight and you encourage me to do more! Every day I think of you and how you have changed my life! Thank you for that!" 

- Carolyn, Georgetown 

"Definition of DYNAMIC - continuous change, activity and progress - intensity and vigour. Carrie embodies every definition of the word and then some. Having had many trainers throughout the years and seeing a lot of the same textbook "boring" routines, I was searching for someone to renew my enthusiasm for fitness. I got everything that I was looking for and more in Carrie. Not only is she truly an amazing motivator, but her routines are also new and exciting every session! Suddenly, things that I was seeing in Fitness Mag's and always wanted to try, were jumping off the pages. Carrie knows exactly when to push and respects your personal limits. I can truly say that every session is exciting and fun and Carrie has become a wonderful friend. If you're looking to get out of a "cookie-cutter" routine OR just a beginner in the world of fitness, Carrie and her staff are your GO TO girls! (Also, a big thank you to Kim, whom I only had the pleasure of working out with twice. She is equally great and I wouldn't expect anything less from anyone who works for Dynamic Bodies)." 

- Laura, Georgetown 

"I exercise for health reasons, but I can't say that I love it. It has always been a struggle to stick at something. However, having a personal trainer makes me accountable and I love the privacy of one to one training in a house. This format works for me. I have enjoyed training with Sharron this past year and a half. She is positive, pleasant and she really knows her stuff. I am healthier and stronger as a result...but I'd still rather go shopping :)." 

- Lois, Georgetown 

"For about a year (maybe longer, before I actually started training) I kept talking to my sister about losing weight and getting in shape but never got around to doing anything about it. In the spring of 2011 my sister mentioned she had started training at Dynamic Bodies again, she was supposed to train with a partner but it didn't work out. I found myself saying, "I'll train with you" and so began my training with Sharron. My plan back then was to train for ten weeks and then use what I'd learned, at home on my own. I was enjoying it so much I decided to keep it up. It's now been about a year and a half and I'm still training with Sharron and still enjoying it. Sharron is fun, encouraging and challenging. She knows when to push and when I've truly done all that I can. Each training session is different and tailored to what I need to work on and/or any other exercise I've done during the week. I'm able to do so much more and I've been more active since I began training. I'm looking forward to continuing my training and achieving further results and reaching my goal with Sharron's help." 

- Jane, Mississauga  

"When I began training over two years ago I was 199 lbs and extremely unhappy. At my best, I was 33 pounds down and now I have lost over 28" in the total ad over 10% body fat. I train twice a week at Dynamic Bodies with Kim and do cardio and other things (boxing, bosu and stability ball training) at home in between. Kim is my saviour! She creates tailor-made sessions for me to maximize my results. I have also been tracking my calories in and out using a program called myfitnesspal.com which has come in very handy as portion control is my downfall. I have started eating better (and less) but I cheat every once in a while also. I still live a regular life - I have just made some changes. These elements together, plus constant encouragement from my husband, family and friends keep me going!" 

- Lindsay, Hillsborough 

"Sharron really challenges us! I am glad that I am somewhat in shape so that I can keep up! I love working out, it makes me feel really good, I think the number one thing is the stress relief! A close second is looking and feeling stronger! There are so many benefits! Everyone should be doing it!" 

- Julia, Georgetown 

"I was introduced to Dynamic Bodies through Healthspan after a long, slow recovery from an illness. Due to this illness, I became very weak and simple household chores were a struggle to perform and any type of gardening gave me a major headache! I needed something to help motivate me to exercise, build up strength and get more energy. Carrie was wonderfully supportive and hooked me up with Renee. 

Well after my very first session with Renee I immediately purchased more sessions as I knew the number I had purchased would go way too fast. Renee is so much fun to train with and she really knows her stuff. She was the perfect fit for me! I cannot believe how much my body has changed since training with Renee. I am SO much stronger, have more energy and learning a ton from her. She is so easy going and flexible with her workout plans! Each session is different so I never get bored with any exercise and she always adapts to what my body needs. Thanks, Renee!" 

- Dana, Rockwood 

"One-day last fall, I realized I wanted to be as fit and active at the age of my 81-year-old mother in law is now. She inspires me. And in order to do that, I needed to MOOOVE.  

I've done yoga on my own for years and also had a short career in running (to lose weight) until an injury stopped me in my tracks. I'm not comfortable in gym and yoga studios, so my small living room floor is where I trained myself via videos and the "tube". 

I'd heard that cross-training would enhance whatever form of sport I was doing and that weight training was essential to women's longevity in health. Reading Carrie's Dynamic Bodies ad in the paper, I saw that it could fulfill those objectives and be the right fit for me. 

Working out just 2 days a week with Renee, I have seen strength and stability increase in everyday movements, right from the beginning. With ease I run up the stairs with an empty laundry basket, gardening is no longer backbreaking as I reach in front to plant flowers and pull those pesky weeds. Heaving bags of dirt and full water containers about have turned into an exercise I rather enjoy. A bit of self-competition going on. 

My delightful and knowledgeable trainer, Renee, eases you into each session by considering all your body ailments that come and go each week and then takes you forward, challenging where needed. I love it when she asks how some particular ache is feeling and I say "hm, I don't have that anymore". Music makes the exercises easier too and when I want a particular song added to the playlist, it's no problem for her to search for it "online", right there and then and "et voila"...you're working out to it. 

To top the benefits of all this hard work is how I look. Fifteen pounds lighter, my clothes closet has been made over completely. 

With thanks to both Carrie and Renee, I am thrilled to say I can see myself attaining the goal of a long and joyful active life." 

- Sue, Georgetown 

"I started training with Renee from Dynamic Bodies in early May, just after having a Knee Replacement , my goal was to strengthen my knee and also get my back into shape ( had surgery several years ago ) so that I would be more mobile for a cruise that we are taking in October, and be able to walk and see the sights in Europe easily. 

My husband found Dynamic Bodies while surfing the internet one night and suggested I sign up. I have NEVER been one to get excited about exercise, so the fact that they come right to my home was an extra incentive. It has now been 3 months, and I find myself looking forward to our sessions, Renee pushes me to try as hard as I can, while at the same time being understanding, and empathetic to my needs. She pushes me to try my best all while making it fun. 

I find that I am more energetic and able to do things that I would not have tried before. 

I am now exercising 3-4x a week, as well as walking the dog daily and going on hikes every 2-3 weeks for a distance of 5-7 km. 

Special Thanks to "Dynamic Bodies " and Renee." 

- Janet, Terra Cotta  

"Two years ago I wanted to start a fitness program but was unsure where to start. I saw an advertisement for a fitness class offered by Dynamic Bodies and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. I now train twice a week with Sharron. Sharron takes the time to plan each session so that it targets a variety of muscle groups. She identifies which muscles should be engaged and where I should be feeling the work. I truly value my training sessions and can see the results of my hard work. A BIG thanks to Sharron and Dynamic Bodies." 

- Tricia, Georgetown

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